Fifth Anniversary of Deathly Hallows Book

Lyn Francisco —  July 21, 2012 — 4 Comments
Deathly Hallows Cover

Deathly Hallows Cover, UK Edition (Bloomsbury)

Where were you on Saturday, July 21, 2007? Were you amongst the throngs of people who were waiting in long queues outside your favourite bookshop, hoping to get a copy of what was then the newly released final book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the release of J.K. Rowling’s final book in the Harry Potter series. For me, it was one I was really looking forward to reading. As most of you know, I came pretty late to the Harry Potter series, not having begun reading it until just before Goblet of Fire was released. I didn’t go to a midnight release party (I really needed my sleep, and at that time, I was just completing a post-doctoral stint in Chapel Hill, North Carolina,  whilst beginning a chemistry teaching job at a small, liberal-arts university south of Raleigh, North Carolina). However, I bought the book later in the day and settled down to read it over the weekend.

That was the first of many re-reads for me, and the Secrets of Harry Potter panellists eventually completed a chapter-by-chapter reading of this book. In Episode 21, Brother Giles had initiated our discussions by discussing the epigraphs JKR had chosen and placed right before the start of Chapter 1. Check it out here: Epigraphs: Before the Hallows Dawn. And feel free to revisit this book by listening to each subsequent chapter, ending with the Epilogue in Episode 54.

Five years later, many still consider Deathly Hallows to be their favourite book. For me, there were ups and down. (And I’m sure you all know my feelings about that… that… Epilogue…)

How has this book affected you? Do you look upon it with fondness? The end of your childhood if you grew up with Harry Potter? Considered this as the end of an era? Let’s have a conversation about this! Please leave your comments below.

~Lyn Francisco

Lyn Francisco


I am a chemist by training and education, having completed a Ph.D. in Natural Products Chemistry in 2000 at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. I was a Ruth Kirschstein NRSA post-doctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I've been out of the chemistry field since 2007 and have been working as a church organist ever since then. I also serve as copy-editor for

4 responses to Fifth Anniversary of Deathly Hallows Book

  1. Where was I… buying the book, of course! Not waiting in line, though. I had pre-bought it, so I just picked it up… and read in in 3 days, because I had to take breaks to feed children. DH is still my favorite book, and it was the one that made me cry the most. And I must confess that I had no problem with the Epilogue… :D

  2. I stayed up partying past midnight at Barnes and Noble for the final Harry Potter book. I had my wand with me and was wearing my Gryffindor robes, of course. Some of the things that I’ll never forget about that night were that a group of fans who had never met before just spontaneously began to recite the entire Potter Puppet Pals “Mysterious Ticking Noise” comedy skit as a group. More and more people joined in when they heard it because everyone knew it by heart. Just before midnight, the governor of my state had everyone’s undivided attention as she read aloud from the last pages of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince—it was the scene in which Ron and Hermione promise to accompany Harry on his quest for the Horcruxes. (“We’re with you, whatever happens,” said Ron…We cheered and applauded like mad for that scene because we too were with Harry until the end, no matter what.) The anchorwoman for one of our state capital’s television news shows was standing right in front of me as we waited in line. She wasn’t covering the story—she wanted to get the book for herself and her daughters. They were as excited to get the new book as I was. It was an amazing night of fun and frivolity—live owls, a magic show, Barnes and Noble employees cosplaying—“Gilderoy Lockhart” was the best one. He acted like we were all there to see him and to buy his new book at “Flourish and Blotts”—lol. It was EPIC.

  3. I had pre-purchased, and was waiting in line to pick up my copy. Got it a couple minutes after midnight, headed straight home and didn’t sleep until I’d finished it (about 10:30 am). Slept for a couple of hours and started it again. It’s my favourite of the seven and if I could only read one book for the rest of my life, this is it. I cry every single time I read ‘The Forest Again’. One of the most beautifully perfect chapters I’ve ever read, of anything.

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